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Our Mission

For decades companies are failing to maximize their full potential. Employee engagement scores continue to plummet while a new phenomenon called "The Great Resignation" is shaking up the business world.

We are on a mission to fix the global employee engagement crisis. 

Surply provides teams with a powerful methodology and a platform that enable teams to significantly improve their productivity while bringing their tenure and engagement scores to world-class levels. 

Our Purpose

We have a deep routed passion for building and growing high-performing teams, and after years of research and experiments we have discovered the algorithm of vibrant high-performing organizations and epic workplace cultures. Our purpose is to impact people and organizations, be purpose led and performance driven.

Our Story

Work can be exciting, engaging, empowering and fun but at the workplace we often lose our sense of enthusiasm and energy. We settle into a routine of maintaining our day to day tasks, and we lose our understanding what the business we support is really all about. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Being a passionate practitioner of purpose driven leadership with 20+ years of research, experiments, failures, successes and international assignments, we have discovered and mastered the algorithm of vibrant high performing organizations. The best part? No doubt that you can do that too!

Our pursuit has always been to do positive things in the world, to have great achievements, to help others.

Therefore we want to use our learnings and experiences to help people and organizations improve their bottom line by incorporating a human centric methodology that boost diversity, inclusion and ultimately value. At the same time we are laser focused on sustainability so that these transformations stick.


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