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Team Up, Level Up

Imagine having instant insights into your team's performance roadblocks at your fingertips, empowering you to address and resolve issues in your team at the very moment they arise. But that's not all - we value privacy as much as you do. Our unique system operates without collecting user data, eliminating the hassle of GDPR requirements. With Surply, you put managers in control, and enhancing their team's potential becomes as seamless as it is immediate.

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How it Works

Surply identifies within minutes team culture shortcomings at the moment it is most relevant.

At Surply's we believe that employee engagement is a byproduct of a healthy company culture, like weight loss is a byproduct of a healthy lifestyle. You don't need strategies to improve employee engagement. The key is to identify shortcomings at the right moment at the right time. For this reason, Surply put the manager in control, providing the right tools and support to unleash the team's full potential.


The usage and the ownership lies where the change is happening; with the manager and the team

Actionable insights within 10 minutes!

100% unanimous and falls outside GDPR regulations speeding up implementation and adoption

To encourage the right behaviors, Surply is designed using the Easy, Attractive, Social and Timely (EAST) model. These four simple principles for applying behavioral insights are based on the Behavioral Insights Team’s own work and the broader academic literature (source:

Why Surply.

We understand what challenges managers face in their day-to-day work:

  • How do I empower my team to deliver high value while being highly engaged?

  • My employees are losing faith and start (quiet) quitting costing companies 6-9 months' salary.

  • Shortcomings in my team are not being addressed in a timely manner.

  • As a manager, I get overloaded with (engagement) data. I get so much data but now what?

  • How do I control and manage the complex social structure of teams in a hybrid / remote world?

How does Surply help fix this?

1. Empower the managers and teams with the rights tools and data to ‘own’ the challenge

Managers account for 70% of the variance in team engagement and heavily influence employee well-being. It’s essential to not only provide managers with the data but also the tools and direction toward success.

2. Surply helps change the perspective on employee engagement



SurpassIQ helps organizations diagnose key challenges

apply this universal approach while taking their unique characteristics and culture into account

High Fives

3. Build awareness; There is a flow to building high-performing cultures



The methodology is build around a set of principles we call the "The Surpass Principles", represented as an infinite flow of 10 steps over 3 key pillars. Research shows that executing and implementing these 10 steps will deliver up to 800% higher productivity as well as world-class employee engagement scores.

The usage and the ownership lies where the change is happening; with the manager and the team

Empowers remote, hybrid and geographically distributed teams to become a high-performing team

Gives scientifically proven and research-based direction for reaching a state of high performance

Supports regulatory requirements and sustainability goals through controls on engagement of employees


From instant people insights to powerful improvements.



The latest from Surply.

Our Clients

Why teams like Surply?

"Powerful insights within minutes"

SurpassIQ provided great insights into the current state of our culture allowing us to see where we need to improve to improve team performance and ultimately employee engagement.

Thomas Smith
HR Director

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